Non milk based cereals

BIOMIL® infant cereals

Non milk based cereals

Following the recommendations of Health professionals, the starting of the food diversification period should be done between the age of 4 months and 6 months. During this period, the proportion of diversified food is increasing and becomes progressively the main source of nutrients at 2 years’ old.

BIOMIL® non-milk based cereals main characteristics:

  • Partial Enzymatic hydrolysis for a better digestion
  • Contain natural dietary fibers allowing to regulate the intestinal transit
  • Total daily needs for essential nutrients are covered by the combination of BIOMIL® Cereals and the Follow-up milk BIOMIL® 2, BIOMIL® PLUS 2 or SUPRAMIL® 2
  • Enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D for bone mineralization
  • Enriched with Vitamin A for visual acuity
  • Outstanding reconstitution without lumps


Tastes available:

  • Wheat cereals & dates
  • Multi-cereals (8 cereals)
  • Rice & Corn cereals *
  • Rice & Corn cereals & honey *
  • Rice & Corn cereals with 3 fruits (apple, banana, orange) *
  • Rice & Corn cereals with 3 fruits (pineapple, pear, banana) *
  • Rice & Corn cereals with apple & prune *
  • Rice cereals & vegetables (carrot, potato and zucchini) *


If you are interested in other varieties please feel free to contact us.

BIOMIL® Cereals comply with the latest regulations in force (Codex Alimentarius)

* Gluten free cereals