Our production process consists of seven essentials steps ranging from the milk collection at the farms until the finalization of the formulated product. These steps are located on the same production site that guarantees the freshness of our finished products. Our main process is situated at step n°4, the spray drying on Multi Stage Dryer.

1. Milk collection 

There is a daily milk collection from dairy farmers. The best freshness and quality milk is thus selected for the formulation of nutritional products.


Milk collection

2. Unloading milk at factory 

Liquid milk is stored immediately after milking in cooled tank at the farm and transported in tank truck to the dairy plant. From milking to unloading, the liquid milk is stored and transported at a stable temperature of 3 to 4° C to avoid any microbiological and enzymatic developments.

Unloading milk at factory

3. Liquid phase processing

After release based on laboratory results, the liquid milk is unloaded and shortly stored in big tanks before processing: skimming, then heat treatment by pasteurization method to destroy the pathogenic micro-organisms and to inactivate the enzymatic development while maintaining the natural nutritional profile of the milk.

Successive sequences in the preparation of the formulated Infant milk concern the addition of other ingredients like:

  • vegetable oils delivered every day
  • whey proteins coming from the cheese production

The adjustment of the composition parameters and the concentration by evaporation in the wet section completes the transition to the dry section.


Liquid phase processing

4. Spray Drying

The most efficient spray-drying towers (MSD, Multi-Stage-Dryer).

This slow processing method is the real framework of the powder production. This allows to collect by spray drying and fluid bed drying technologies an homogeneous instant particles of powder, with a regularity on size and composition.


5. Formulated powder


The powder is filled under high hygiene conditions into big bags of 800 kg for intermediary storage for complete physico-chemical & microbiological analysis before release for retail packing.


Formulated powder

6. Retail packing


After release from our laboratory, the powder is packed in metallic tins or pouches under inert gas to ensure a shelf-life of the end product up to 3 years. Automatic placing in carton boxes via “wrap-around” system and robotic handling.


Le conditionnement    


7. Consumer

A complete range of products for the whole family.