The company FASSKA was founded in 1981 by a Pharmacist surrounded by scientists specialized in the Nutritional and Dietary field for babies.

Since that time, FASSKA’s knowledge and know-how have constantly increased through research, experience and partnerships with universities and other specialists in the discipline to extend our range of infant and children formulas as well as adult’s nutritional formulas.

FASSKA constantly seeks to enhance the nutritional and sensorial characteristics of their products and to propose innovative formulas in full compliance with quality specifications and nutritional requirements.

Compliance with the latest’s Recommendations, Regulations and Directives:

All the formulas developed, produced and marketed by FASSKA are fully compliant with the recommendations of major scientific and medical authorities in the field, such as the Codex Alimentarius 2011, ESPGHAN (*), the AAPCON (**) and the regulations in force in the countries where the products are marketed and in particular the Directive 2006 of the European Union.

Formulation and production:

Although the main activity of FASSKA involves infant’s formulas, FASSKA also develops and produces a large number of other formulations, based on medical demand or on request from private companies.


(*)        European Society for Pediatric Gastro-Enterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
(**)      American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition